Losing my mum

I lost my mum at the start of july this yr,it was very sudden, wed only spoken on the fone an hour before,but iv not even had a good cry over it yet i feel i push it away wen i think about it to protect myself,but some days i cant stop thinking about it and my head spins. Last few days i feel ok but then guilty coz i shouldn’t be?? Its really confusing,the feelings


don’t be hard on yourself. Just feel what you feel. You’re bound to be confused still. If you can reach out to anyone to talk, that may help and lots of people on here can understand what you’re going through.


Im not good at speaking to people like this at the best of times but stuff like this is even harder,its good spk to people who have been thru the same tho,its been a whirlwind of emotions iv neva felt before


this is a safe place and all of us have experienced loss and understand. please keep posting if you feel bad

Hi there. Sorry to hear of your loss. It’s always better to let grief out. Cry, shout. Please don’t bottle it up. It can cause more problems in the long term. We are all on this horrible journey. I try to keep very busy to distract myself. But I’ve often read it’s good to set aside a time, maybe each day, to spend thinking about them and getting through the grief. Maybe you could have a photo and spend time talking out loud to her, telling her how you are coping and everything you are going through. I believe their spirit is around us and guiding us, and I do believe they can hear and understand what we are going through. I found in the early days of my loss I was so very tearful and I did often find little signs that perhaps she was trying to come through and help me through this. Big hugs. xxx


We had the funeral and i was just numb,but there were people there i didnt know so i feel robbed of that time to let go at the funeral,i do keep myself busy and 2 little ones to occupy my mind bit its wen iv got time alone it comes straight back,im defo just keeping it buried to protect myself,i have got a partner and a brother i xan lean on