Losing my mum

Hi I lost my mum 2years ago,she died from covid. She had dementia and used to go wandering so the last few years were spent on a care home,this was awful as she couldn’t remember me couldn’t speak,visiting was vey restricted which had a great impact on her mental health. When will I feel better as I am in tears jusr writing this


Hi Caz. Just wanted to wish you hugs and hope for the future. I can’t say we ever truly move past losing a parent. I lost my dad when i was 13 and Mum in November 2023. I cry pretty frequently at the moment too. I guess i just wanted to say you’re not alone. Much love Steven xx

my mum passed away 8 weeks ago next week :cry: :broken_heart: :sob: life is :poop: thats being polite.
I miss her, miss doing her shopping, miss hearing her say nothing on telly load of old rubbish.

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Hi . I lost my mum to cancer in December last year and I totally understand how you are feeling. We rang or text each other daily and now it feels so empty and I feel so lost without her.

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