Losing my mum

Hi my mum

Said that you need to feed the birds when I was young and she always said it to my two girls and that a robin visits your garden it’s a
Relative from heaven looking down on the people keeping us safe I have a beautiful Robin she sings to me all the time where ever I go there is a Robin it’s a sign from her that she is looking down keeping me safe xx


Hi @Sacha49 ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: Such a lovely memory of your mum. I’m sure your words will bring comfort to others.

Take good care,

Hello sorry to read of your loss.
I’m afraid I don’t believe In a heaven but I do believe my mum is looking at me through a puddle in water on a different planet. She’s looking out for me waiting for me to be with her.
I gives me so much comfort that nothing will keep us apart

Hi @Sacha49
That sounds beautiful, I like the feeling our loved ones are watching over us, I sometimes feel the same about my mom & baby. Sending hugs.

Yes the puddle in water is something I’ve believed in ever since I lost my mum it’s a weird sensation but I truly believe my mum is with all our loved ones just waiting to come to our planet when humanity is prepared for the aliens to bring them. But we will be with them when the time isn’t right

Sorry, I meant the robin @Sacha49 mentioned, & the suggestion it’s a sign from her mom, keeping her safe, as I say, I sometimes feel like that to about my mom & baby.


I am so sorry to hear your lose of your mum and baby I always think the Robin has ago coz she wants her own food bowl not wanting to share I have just started to come to terms it’s hard your mum and baby will guild you until you meet again stay strong hun xx

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