Losing my Mum

My Mum passed away on 4th Feb in her sleep. She’d been in a nursing home for 5 years suffering from Alzheimers. I thought I was coping ok but now we’ve had the funeral and buried the ashes I feel awful. I have no energy, not sleeping well, no motivation, wasting hours on end playing stupid games on my tablet and phone. I’m eating rubbish food because I can’t be bothered to cook or when I do cook something by the time its made I don’t want to eat it. I live on my own and have no family.

I am in a very similar situation. I have a daily minimum target, which is get up, shower, put on clean clothes and walk the dog. This week I’m going to try setting an extra target every day. It must be challenging being on your own. It’s such a supportive community here. Reach out whenever you need to. Sending healing thoughts your way.

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I’m so sorry for your loss @jan.8 . Once the busy-ness of the funeral preparation has passed it can be difficult to be motivated to do anything much. I was much the same as you when my Dad passed last November. You say you live on your own…do you have any close friends you could speak to? Or a local support group or church group (if you have a religion) you could meet up with? Before your Mum’s passing, did you have any hobbies you could take up again? Its very early days for you and its all baby steps at the moment so be kind to yourself and don’t try and do too much all at once. One day at a time. Maybe write a daily list of things to do or eat…even if the list has one thing on it to begin with. This site is amazing for support. Sending hugs and :heart:

Thank you. Somehow putting my feelings dow n in writing has helped. Like you I am at the stage of just getting basic things done. One day at a time and on a positive note doing one more thing each day. I’m probably being too hard on myself x

I understand the struggles. I live alone and spend far too much time playing games on my phone to pass time. Eating and sleeping is difficult too. Give yourself time. One step at a time x

Thank you. I find listening to music helps. I don’t watch the news any more its too depressing. I only watch tv programmes which I know will cheer me up. I have certain friends I can phone who I know will cheer me up. I don’t know if you are able but I try to get out for a walk. I wish you well and hope things improve a little each day. Jan x

Yes same with me, either listen to music or try and watch light hearted tv.
Getting some fresh air is good. Wish you well too Jan :blush:

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