Losing my mum

Hello, I have just joined this group. I lost my mum 2 weeks ago from pancreatic cancer. She lasted 9 weeks from diagnosis and was 82. Im 60 and feel I should be coping with this far better than I am. Im not crying, I just feel detached. Not sure if that is normal as i was so very close to my mum. I cared for her for the past 6 weeks in between carer calls. She lived with my twin brothers who though they have learning disabilities are very able and both work. I have been signed off work as physically and mentally exhausted. It will be 6 weeks before i go back and i feel guilty about that. Mums funeral is not until the 17th May, maybe, hopefully i will be able to cry then. Sorry for the long message.


@Rhino Im sorry for your loss. Age has no limits on grief and its very much a roller coaster of emotions , you just have to do what makes it easier for you . Your work will always be there but at the moment you need to look after you and be gentle.on you . Allow this time to try and process everything . I will be thinking if you and your family on the 17th take care


I’m so sorry for your loss. :heart: There are no “shoulds” in grief, all your feelings are valid and you don’t have to feel you have to cope better or guilty over being signed off from work. There are many of us here who are adults, having lost one parent or both, and grieve deeply, you’re not alone. The detachment is likely because you’re still in shock, it’s so recent and happened so quickly. Many hugs. :people_hugging:

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Thank you x

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