Losing my mum

I am a 52 yer old person with a Anxiety issues I lost my mum two months at first I seem to cope and help my family but know I just can’t cope without her she was more than my mum she was my emotional support with did everything together I still have my dad which I love but my mum was the one that understood me best I now feel lost and lonely with out her don’t feel safe going out and I cry most days now I wish I could have her back so badly The world seems so cold and lonely my only good thing left in my world is my little dog called Kara that my mum brought me before she died she keeps me going and when the pain gets to much I cuddle here and it is like getting a cuddle from my mummy family seem to be getting back to normal bit by bit but I don’t think I every will

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Hello heartbroken
I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I can relate I lost my mum 8 years ago and life has never been the same without her. My dad is still around I’m emotionally supporting him though we do have a difficult relationship. I was very close to my mum I can hear my mum now telling me of like she used to but I loved her so much
Recently I decided I wasn’t going to let my grief continue to have a hold on me. There is life for me one where I can try to be happy though I’m struggling with it every day. My head tells me you have to continue to grief because it’s like I’m saying my mum meant nothing to me she means everything to me. She’s the one person who gave me absolutely everything in life.
I know what you mean life without our mums feels lonely and cold. The world feels so much worse but there has to be a life we can have we deserve it. I’m 58 years old and I don’t want rest of my life to be held back by grief
Trouble is my dad who I live with he’s 80 years is from a different generation he’s stiff upper lip we don’t really get on I thought my mum leaving me would bring us so much closer. What I don’t want is for my dad to leave me without all the things I want to say to him. I can’t live with the regret once he’s gone. It’s too late once that’s person died. There’s a song callled living years by Mike and mechanics it describes my relationship with my dad to a tee. I’m living with a regret over my mum that I never got to say goodbye to my mum I hate myself for it. I was in work the day I lost my mum November 24 2016 I got the worst phone call of my life from my dad to tell my mum had gone. I blame myself so much.
I do know one thing my mum wouldn’t want me to live like this.
Take care look after yourself because god knows I’m trying to look after myself

Your mum would not want you to blame yourself. I’m sure you gave her a lovely life but you mustn’t give up your life for your dad if he’s not going to appreciate it. Never got to say goodbye to my mum either but that’s not our fault. that’s just the way it was, take care of yourself

Hi heartbroken
No I’m not giving up my life for my dad. I just want to be able to tell him how i feel to his face. He’s very defensive if I try to talk to him. There’s so many things I want to say to my dad. I love him so much it’s time he knew that before it’s to late. And I know if I leave it to long then I’ll be full of regret like I am over my mum
Well I wasn’t a very good son to my mum and that’s another regret I am living with.
It’s weird you realise how your parents are the most important people in your life and it takes for one of them to go and your only surviving parent is your dad who hasn’t really been there for me my whole life especially in the things that matter. But I don’t feel no malice to him. I know he’s disappointed in me I never followed in my mum’s footsteps in a career in music. I’d of hoped he’d want me to be happy in whatever path I follow.
My mum was quite famous a dance choreographer my dad was her manager we lived in New York during my childhood for 16 years. My siblings and I hardly ever seen her parents sometimes for months on end. It wasn’t an easy life for us. We lived out of a suitcase In hotels. I’m dead proud of what my mum achieved