Losing my nan and my friend

I’ve lost one of my school friend to suicide and lost my nan to cancer all in the space of 3 years. I just feel that no one understands and I need someone to talk to. I have a serious job and have done for 3 and a half years, I feel like my peers don’t get me which makes me feel so isolated. I’ve distanced from a lot of people because of the stress I have been put through lately.
I get angrier quicker and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m at a loss of how to move forward…

Fran, I can understand the stress you are under and what a horrible time you have had. To me it sounds that you need to be able to talk to who understands your emotional state. Getting anger is a normal symptom of grieving and also feeling that you don’t know the way ahead. I honestly would suggest counselling would definitely help, it’s not always the total answer. There’s Cruse and Sue Ryder that offer free sessions and also private local counsellors. Grieving takes time to accept and to come to terms with your new life that these wonderful people are no longer with us. Safe safe and please look after yourself. S xx