Losing my only daughter

I have lost my only daughter she was only 23 i dont no still how she passed away i feel so alone

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Hi there im so sorry you have lost your daughter iys absolutely shocking. My son died last march on my birthday aged 20. In the. Early days it is so difficult. I feel for you i really do. Just make sure u try eat a little keep hydrated deep breaths… one minute one hour at a time. Im sending you do much strength and hugs im here if you want to talk xxx

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss Mybaby, there are no words that can ease the loss of your child, though I hope in time you can find comfort from the replies.
My heart goes out to you.
Two years ago while having breakfast my son suddenly passed away, age 20, it took several months and several post mortems to find the cause. All the while a million things went through head, mostly though “I did not save him” and that as a parent leaves you feeling lost.
Not that we could save our kids, but the fact we aren’t able to fix this is awful.
Sending all of my love to you and my deepest sympathies, I pray you find the answers you need

So sorry to hear of the loss of so many young lives it is heartbreaking to hear about it My sister lost her son in an awful accident very tragic circumstances It was in the public arena Her whole family suffered so much and the extended family did too You are in my thoughts