Losing my partner

Hi I’m jenny, the coroner phoned earlier to let know that I can register my David’s death in the next 2 weeks. He died suddenly 16wks ago and most days I can’t breathe. I have fantastic family and friends but feel they have heard enough of my pain! I know they wouldn’t say the same but simply they just don’t understand. So that’s why I’m burdening you guys. :blush:


Sorry for your recent loss. We are all here for each other so don’t think your burdening us. We all understand what your going through and the long road we are all facing. I lost my husband Jim 8 months ago and it still hasn’t got any easier I’m afraid. To start with there’s so much to sort out it’s not till this is all done that you really start to grieve . Keep posting and reading others journeys it will help. Sending hugs 🫂 xx


Jenny, what an ordeal you have had, 16 weeks and only now can register a death. Life use to be simpler but now the pain continues for longer. The documentation side is awful to deal with and I am hopeful that one member of your family will not mind you telling then how you are feeling. We are always here for you when ever, so please post and read others post to get some form of comfort. Sending big hugs and blessings. Take care of yourself. S xx

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