Losing my partner

I’m 50 years old my partner of 8 years passed away on the 8th March 2024 . I feel I can’t grieve for him properly and putting others first I break down when I’m alone at night. I live with my mum and take care of all her needs. I feel she relies on me too much because she doesn’t want to work bother my brothers. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed and cry but can’t.I’m also going through health issues and attending hospital and worried about the outcome. When I try to talk about my feelings i get shut down and told I’ll be fine. I don’t know what to do anymore

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Your partner died on the day we held my boyfriend’s funeral.
I think you need to put the brakes on and think about yourself. Your brothers need to man up and take their share of the responsibilities so that you can start to grieve your partner. Call a family meeting. You need time out. :people_hugging: