Losing my sister

My darling sister passed away on Monday. She was 40. She had learning disabilities and a cruel condition called Myotonic Dystrophy. I was her main carer for years. I adored her and would have done anything for her. I fought most of my life to get the very best for her. I now feel lost and have lost my fight. I can’t be bothered to do anything although I have so much to do. Every minute feels like an hour the week has gone so slowly. Is this normal? I have never experienced anything like it. Am absolutely beyond devastated.

I am so sorry for your loss, it is so raw for you just now, my 43 year old sister was taken suddenly due to cancer, we were told she was going to be ok but got a call at 3am and she was gone, the pain is unbelievable and it takes time, everyones journey is different, our family too was very close and part of me died too the day she left, allow yourself to grieve no matter how long it takes, dont feel guilty for grief as some do, we try not to make people feel awkward but yet screaming inside with the pain of it all, so many emotions to cope with. My thoughts and prayers are with you

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Im so sorry for your loss it is very hard my sister was 50

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Thank you I have never felt anything like it. I adored her and the fact we spent so much time together makes it even harder. I just don’t know how I will ever feel happy again. Thank you for your kind words I do appreciate it x

Your very welcome i lost my mum 2019 my sister a year later then brother in law and new year just gone i lost my best friend i didnt find out about my sister death from family it was put o fb which even harder my mum never got told until i found out from care home

Its hard to deal with it and cant get my head around it now ive my own ailments to get head around cant do that either

Oh I’m so very sorry to hear this. So sad. Sending hugs x

Thank you and sending hugs to you to

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