Losing my son

Why do I feel like all I’m doing is suffering, I feel so empty and lonely! :frowning: my son was stillborn 7years ago and it just seems like I’m getting worse, iv been diagnosed with ptsd and anxiety disorder, I don’t no how to grieve, my parents never understood, my siblings won’t talk about it as bringing him up makes them upset, and my ex partner now walked out as I don’t show enough empathy anymore I’m literally at a loss and seems like everything I do I’m failing at

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Hi @Notalonenomore22.
I’m so sorry that you are going through such a tough time and feel that you have little support around you. You will find it different here as everyone is really kind and supportive.
I too have lost a baby son and had to learn to live with it almost on my own because other people didn’t want to talk about it. I can honestly say that I never got over his death but I have learned to live with it.
If you can please feel free to tell us about your lovely little boy, you can trust our community to respond only with kindness and understanding :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much, that means so much to me knowing I wouldn’t need to hide him away because people don’t want to hear, see him or acuse me of wanting attention which is the last thing I want I just don’t want him to be forgotten and to talk but I feel so isolated with it :frowning:
I’m so sorry you have lost your little one too, much and massive hugs to you! Your so amazing and by looks of it doing really well with holding yourself together but if you ever want to talk please just drop me a message as ild love to hear about your little one xx


Thank you for your lovely message. My son would now be 57 years old and although this happened all that time ago he is still the :two_hearts:9.5lbs :two_hearts: bundle of gorgeous joy that he was then and I miss the too few cuddles we did have. He lived for 13 days.

Did you get to cuddle your little one?
If you feel uncomfortable talking about him here then a private message will be fine. :two_hearts:

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