Losing my son

I lost my son to a motorcycle crash it was not his fault there was another motorcycle coming head on on his side of road later found out uninsured it was not his bike.20th may 2023. Seems meaningless . Why??? i dont know how to cope this pain i feel is physical he was just 36. A talented creative loving man he has 7 and 1 year old sons. They are now without a daddy. My heart is breaking.
Losing a child is devastating/debilitating. I have to stay strong for my other children but its so hard.


@Janeauk I am so sorry, I can’t imagine the pain you are going through. We are all on here because we have lost someone we love, but I really can’t comprehend how awful it must be to lose a child. I’ve been on here a couple of months now and it really does help to get it all out. There will always be someone online here day or night - most of us don’t sleep well. Sending love xx

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I lost my son 2020 to bowel cancer aged 39.i do cope just about but always on my mind constantly. Miss him so much. From diagnosis to passing was only 3 weeks. I wasn’t there at the end due to personal reasons. ( not my fault) He passed in the hospice and wasn’t allowed in. I saw him 6 days before he passed. We told each other how much we loved each other. He cried and this haunts me daily.

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