Losing my soul mate

I lost the love of my life almost 10 weeks now I was only married to him 6 years next Friday 18 august but have 15 years together. Found each other on Facebook after years apart as we dated in our teens years


Aww this life isn’t easy. 10 weeks is such early days and it’s all raw and consuming at the beginning.
Nearly 7 months for me and it does get easier. Think the shock of him dying suddenly, only 49, and losing the future you planned is the hardest part. I miss him everyday but accept that he’s no longer coming through the door.

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I lost the love of my life 18 July 23 and i love and miss her so very much. I talk to her all the time and feel qe are in a new world where she is always with me but in sprit form until we meet i feel i want to make her so proud. All this helps me a little but i am so very very sad too

Sorry for your lost too I talk to my husband every day like you I don’t want let him down as he made me the person I become 15 years
Feel free to message anytime