Losing my soulmate

Hello Crazy_Kate. Thank you so much for your hug earlier, it was very badly needed. I would gladly post a photo of Flora but I am so “low tech” that I doubt I could even find the pets thread - let alone post a pic!
May I offer a hug in return?

Hello Peter, you might consider yourself as “low tech” but I think you’re amazing being on this site at 90 years of age. I know 70 year olds who wouldn’t know where to start. My hat’s off to you.
I am of course so so sorry for the loss of your lovely wife and I hope communicating on this site gives you some small measure of comfort.
Warm regards, AL

Hugs always gratefully received. :hugs:

I know if only we could go back in time I just want my old life back . I hate my life at the moment without my partner I feel so lonely

That sums up EXACTLY how I feel, so I understand completely. It is heartbreaking that we can do nothing to make it better. That is the price we pay for loving someone so much.
I am sending you a hug xx

Sorry to all for your loss.
Its 6 months tomorrow and still I expect him to walk through the door. I didn’t eat for days,I think thats normal but I drank gallons of water. I still have trouble sleeping due to flashbacks etc.
I would never have coped those first days & weeks if it hadn’t been for my dog,Jess. She was my reason for getting up,a big dog who needs a good walk.
Sending hugs to all.x

It’s a comfort to know I am not alone in how I feel all I can think is I want my life back . God I miss him Take care sending hugs