Losing my uncle.

My uncle passed recently and it’s brought back a lot of old feelings for me surrounding the time my dad passed away. I feel so sad and angry with him. I know he couldn’t help dying but it came so suddenly and without warning.

Hi Alexsis, I’m sorry about the death of your uncle, grief is so hard to deal with, and it’s only natural that it brings back upsetting memories, I think anger is very natural, I know I was angry at the death of both my parents and latterly my husband, I lost both parents suddenly, they were fine one day and dead the next, both died of heart attacks, my husband died of cancer, and looking back I think my parents were the lucky ones, they didn’t suffer, I did of course, but for them it was a good way to go, unlike my husband who went through hell and such pain. Grief is something we have to deal with in our own way, and it takes time, in the end you learn to live with it, you never stop loving and missing them, sending love Jude xx