Losing my wife

I find this so very hard to let my feelings out, I lost my wife of 46 years to Copd.
We married at 17 and was my soulmate now I can’t seem to want to carry on im upset all the time and want to be with her
She died in January this year and I havnt been to work yet im not interested in anything or anybody


I am sorry to hear about your wife @Scotjock and I can understand you are in pain and struggling but will your wife like seeing you like this? Ask yourself, I know its tough and painful living like this but please do something, I am glad you joined this community, if possible go and meet your friends and be with your family. If not learn a skill it could be Yoga, or some meditation or even studying about grief might help. I am not saying anything will replace the presence you feel about your wife but it will help you in dealing with things. You need to live for her and cherish those memories of last 30 years you spent together

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Take your time, don’t let anyone tell you that you should do anything, I’m 18 months in to this since losing my Joan and I am just managing to force myself to start doing anything around the house and garden , I’m retired so work doesn’t come into it, you have suffered the biggest shock and loss of your life and need to adjust to this new life before you can even think about anything else.
Best wishes mate.

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I am so sorry for the loss of wife,my husband died from terminal cancer January this year so i know how you are feeling ,grief takes time ,i know how hard it is for you ,try and think of the good memories you shared together , that is what i try to do. Hope this helps

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What you are feeling is normal, you are grieving, it’s all raw and intense while you are processing the shock and trauma that comes with such a huge loss. Allow yourself to feel what you need to, it’s such early days for you. All you can do at the moment is what you are able to do. Take everything hour by hour, day by day. The intensity lessens over time but it’s a long difficult journey until you eventually find your own way of living with the grief, it doesn’t go away but it does become more bearable. It’s so important to let your emotions out and to reach out for support, you are not alone and we are here to help support you through it. We are all at different stages of grief on here but we all know what you are going through having been there and still there…hang in there and be kind to yourself


So sorry it’s bloody tough we are all going through this awful trauma together…
I lost my soul mate in July we were together 33 years…I cry as much as I like when ever the waves or triggers set me off… you are in shock what your feeling is your bodies fight or flight mode… I called the bereavement line they really did help me process what I was experiencing… I just wanted to stay in bed not eat, I wasn’t sleeping, I developed chest pains… I just wanted to say your not alone with your thoughts and feelings but help is available

Sorry to hear about your wife. My wife also died of copd in January and i was her carer.
COPD is a horrible disease and traumatic watching that lovely lady fade away in front of your eyes.
I don’t have a problem expressing my feelings, but lately am more likely to keep them to myself. Sympathy from others is fading now.
Its hard going on alone, but we must as thats what our perfect angels would want for us.

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