Losing my wife

I lost my wife 3 weeks ago, to cancer, we were married for 41 years, and I am lost without her and I do wonder what the point of going with life is, people keep telling me it will get better, but at the moment I cannot see this and I am finding that my grief is being overtaken by severe depression


So sorry for your loss.

It is so devastating and overwhelming.
Nothing makes sense.
Everything seems so different.

I just plodded through my grief, I still am in many ways.
There is no single way to find your way through this.
We are different people who do things in our own way.
The thing that is the same is the sense of loss.

This is an excellent place to be in contact with others who fully understand what you are going through.

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I’m another recent addition to the “recently widowed” club, a club I never asked nor wanted to join.

I lost my wife to cancer in mid-March and still struggle to come to terms with it every day. Some days I feel completely broken and other days I feel a little more able to cope. But each day is a struggle. Each day comes with tears, disbelief, deep sadness and anxiety.

I do find reading books on bereavement helps, I’m currently devouring those. It fixes nothing - nothing can - but at least knowing and understanding that these feelings are not only normal but a reflection of the strength of the love is some comfort. I have also started journalling. The aim is not to journal the activities, but more to write down what’s happening in my head. That has also helped me to understand my emotions.

And I’m not trying to give unsolicited advice by the way - I know how annoying that can be. I’m just mentioning a couple of things that have helped me at least push on through.

But nothing can compensate for sitting alone on the couch in the evening. Remembering where she sat, what we would chat about, what we would watch. Evenings and weekends are hard.

@Chris71 and @Blake we’re here where we did not want to be. It sucks. Just know that there are others here too and if nothing else this is a place to just talk and share with people who understand and will not judge you.

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I identify with this. Thank you for sharing what you are going through x