Losing parental home

All being well we’re due to complete on my parent’s home on Monday.
It won’t be confirmed til Mon. We moved in 2 months before my second birthday, I’m 55. Dad died in 2007, mum in April, after only being diagnosed with advanced/terminal cancer 3 weeks before. I miss her so much. The pain is horrendous. Can’t stop crying.


Dear Sue66

I am sorry for the loss of your mum which is still very raw and the pain that you are going through.

Have you other family members and friends you can talk to? Have you considered talking to a Counsellor? Cruse Bereavement Support (UK residents only) 0808 808 1677. They also have an open crusechat and are on facebook, instagram and twitter.

There is a book called Loss of a Parent (Adult Grief When Parents Die) by Theresa Jackson on Amazon available on Kindle, Audiobook or Paperback which you may find of comfort/help to you.

I hope completion on the house is successful on Monday. Take care.

Hi Pepsi
I’m currently seeing a local grief counsellor from the hospice where mum died. I’ve been seeing him since July. I was doing well so we had the last 2 sessions 3 weeks apart, but the next 4 are going to be fortnightly. Then they’re due to end. Although the next one was going to be the last one but he’s added two others in.

Am close to my dad’s cousin. My brother is in Scotland and I rarely see him, even though he comes down here every few weeks to see his grandson. And have got friends, one particular one who I’m close to.

I have chatted to someone from Cruse online and found it helpful. Thanks for suggesting the book. I’m in too much pain to read it at present, but will look at it in the future when I feel less upset.

Thanks for responding. I had a good chat with one of mum and dad’s neighbours yesterday who has been very supportive throughout and said, “You’re bound to be upset. It’s the end of an era.”

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Hi Sue66

It is good to read you are getting the support and help all round. Just take one day at a time and most importantly look after yourself. We are always here for you as a community and post as and when you want. Take care of yourself.

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Thank you.

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