losing parents

My father died three years ago of liver cancer, undiagnosed until his final two weeks, and such a shock.
Last year, i found my mother dead in her bathroom, i cared for her daily, there was no warning, she hadent been ill, she had a heart attack.
All i see now is the vision of my mum, dead, i cannot get it out of my head, One year on, i am still very emotional, sad, angry, empty.
I have a loving husband, and supportive sons/ daughters in law, but the hurt and pain overwhelms at times.
I have no energy, dont want to be bothered with anything, get angry, sad, and emotional all the time. i have so much to be happy for, look forward to, but just cant focus or concentrate on anything.
I was hoping that if i write this down, i may feel better for doing it.


I hope writing it all down has made you at least a little better.

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one year is little time … one year and three.

it will take much more time to heal. counseling might help.

sorry for the terrible feelings. they come with grieving and there is just no way around it.
dealing with it is best. seif-imposed pressure means pressure on others … so take it easy.