Losing partner

This is the first time ive posted. Its been 15wks since i lost hubby, the love of my life, my reason for living. I felt i was doing ok but this week im finding it tough. November holds many memories my birthday, anniversary of the first time i saw him, anniversary of the first time we kissed. Cant worry the children with my woes but i feel totally lost, alone and abandoned. No sleep cant stop crying. Dont like feeling this way.

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Life can truly be so hard and there waves that come can be so difficult. Sometimes after having a period of calm, these waves can really knock us down but remember they don’t last long.

The calm does return and I’ve found 9 months on, that the gap between the waves is longer.

Times when dates are coming of specific events, are hard, but I do find the anticipation of the day worse than the actual day itself.

Thank you for your comforting words.

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Hi @Ali29
Thank you for your comforting words.
I am only coming upto 6 months next week. Some days i am so upset no reason.
I have got through our 36 wedding anniversary in August my 66th birthday in October now christmas and a new year without him will be hard.
I know we must move on in order to get through life without them as we must not take anything for granted and who knows what time we have left.
I dont enjoy being on my own but this is what i have now. I just feel sometimes i dont see or talk to anyone for days but there are people out there who do that on a daily basis. Life is too short i miss him lots but time goes by and i dont want to waste what time i have left.
Take care
Lynne x