Losing partner

Does the feeling of faulse hope that they are coming home or even a message get easier .as i hate them as the heartbreak and pain is like the day they passed .


It will come in waves for a long time. I’m nearly at the end of the first year without my Keef and there are still times when I wonder where he is and when he’s getting home. These events become less frequent, I found, perhaps my head/body is gradually coming to terms with the fact he’s gone. People think I’m doing really well but of course they don’t see the pain and heartache I go through when I’m at home alone. I suppose if you’ve truly loved someone, whether or not you’ve been with them a long time (nearly 44 years for me) or not the pain will always be there but I suppose we learn to deal with it. Take care xx


So sorry for your loss. 8+ months in, I still feel the same pain as I was on the first day but I am hoping and praying every day that one day the pain and love will co-exist and that will hopefully make life more bearable.
Take care x


My husband worked away a lot so I’m constantly expecting him home when I walk into our silent house I can hear him shout ‘hi’ like he always did. There are fields at the back of our house and he used to love the big oak tree at the far end of it when I look out at it which is half the day I can see him walking towards the tree I reached my hand out today I nearly shouted out his name it’s torture.

Hi @Sheila4, it’s 4 months this week for me and I still think somehow he will walk through that door. That somehow it’s a mistake even though I was sat holding his hand as he passed away, I’m not sure this feeling will ever leave us but in a way I don’t want it to either as it keeps him close always and our love as strong as ever x sending lots of wishes your way. Tash

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I’m in tears every day over the loss of my wife 7 months ago. The pain just creeps up on me and I fall to bits. I eventually pull myself together but it comes back again later. This is even happening when I’m at work and I have to take time out to cry and compose myself.


@Bailey2 My husband died on Christmas so I’m not as far into this terrible journey as you are but I’m beginning to see that grief or at least the manifestations of it almost seem to have a life of their own. The uncontrollable tears are always coursing through our bloodstream and every now and then, almost without warning they pour out of us. I guess eventually, or so I am told, the grief takes up more permanent residence inside and we get to live some kind of life around it.

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I am the same, and I think it’s natural and we shouldn’t have to hide our feelings. We have lost the other halves of ourselves and trying to cope with a situation we never thought we would ever be in! Be kind to yourself that’s what I tell myself every day.

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The pain is so bad I know how you feel it’s been 7 months for my wife and it’s getting no easier. I tried to resuscitate my wife when her lung ruptured with lung cancer. I feel so guilty that I couldn’t bring her back even though the parademics told me there was nothing I or they could of done.