Losing people

After losing 7 people in 11 months my whole world is shattered and the life i once had has changed. Im finding it so hard to accept and have not grieved because it will mean they are really gone. I can’t stop thinking what if and it’s haunting my thoughts that i could’ve done more said more.
I took everything for granted now paying the ultimate price because nothing is the same and i don’t know how to fill the void in my life


Hello @Kurtis1975 .
That is terrible to lose so many people in such a short time . You should try and grieve instead of bottling it all up inside as it will eat away at you . I have had counselling and cbt and take antidepressants and it does help . Take care and here if you want to talk.
Love Angie x


I understand. but it is something most humans endure. you lose swaths of people. counseling has helped me enormously if only to push me forward into something better, hopefully. one day we go too so heal, learn, and make the most of your precious time here on earth.


sorry if this seems flippant i diont mean it to. I started a list 20 yrs ago of friends, family etc that died, so far there are over 50 names on there, including hubby last yr and 4 so far this yr. sadly i have got used to it at my age. I am old school dont believe in councilling, i am not telling a stranger my life story, no chance its my business, deal with things my way.
but everyone is different, those things might help them but are not for me.
hope everything gets better for you and so sorry about your losses in a yr xxxxxx

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Im so sorry about your Loss honesty, but we hear that all the time grom others and what want most is the person or people back who are gone.

I recently just loss my Fiancee, i cant believe hes gone, he was my best friend above all eles, i think that is where the pain lies that you will never see the person again, all the plans you made are gone, but what we do have our the memories, they were real and i believe that they are always with us so they are never really gone.

There is no time frame when the loss will fade but we should think about all the things our loved one would want us to do while we are still here and try and focus on that, connecting to others who are going through the same thing will help also aswell as always remembering their birthdays etc.

Stay blessed always