Losing Ron

Hello everybody. It’s only a few days until Christmas day, and I dearly want the whole lot to be over with right now. Ron died in July of this year and I miss him so much.
I’ve got a temporary job in a busy store, but the constant sound of Christmas music and ho bloody ho is making me feel worse and worse. That and the place being crowded with ratty customers and Christmas stuff isn’t helping but I took the job as it’s better than rattling around home and feeling depressed. At least I think it is!
I’m facing Christmas day on my own which is going to be a challenge, but it has got to be faced up to. I wish all of us who feel rotten at this time of year could get together for a massive hug!


I’m with you on this one Paddington. The whole of December seems like one long torture. Can the bereaved be excused from Christmas jollity without being grinchy?

Dear Shirls
Thank you for your kind message. I’ve got a temporary job in a retail store and Christmas music is blaring out non stop. We sell huge amounts of Christmas decorations, gift wrap, tacky gifts, etcs. By now customers are getting frazzled, ratty, and generally s****y with us and themselves. Which of course makes people in our situations feel worse. So I tell them that I have been recently bereaved and that their kind words have made me feel a whole lot better ( not ). That usually makes them shrink away apologetically. I think it’s perfectly fine to not dress in a Christmas jumper, hat, etcs!

Paddington I think you’re very brave. If anyone looked sideways at me I’d burst into tears. My adult children thought I was just doing it to get sympathy but really my emotions were awfully fragile. I dread hearing the song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”. Meanwhile, battle on and take care xx

Thank you. You take care as well.

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