Losing someone.so precious.

My beautiful boy Andy passed on 8th April after struggling 5 years (that he knew of) with Interstitial Lung Diseases. I feel like i am back to square one, i just cannot bare yo ve here without him. I was lucky to have spent so much time with him in his last 2 years, because he could not work. VERY lucky Indeed.
But i miss him so much its so painful. X

Hi Roseyjane.
I lost my son in December of last year, and even now after nine months I miss him as much as I did then and the pain is still as unbearable …all we can do is take each day as it comes and be grateful that we had them in our lives and to have loved them as we did…
It helps to come on this forum and be able to express how we feel,there are so many of us that have lost their Son’s and Daughters so we all understand and appreciate each others feelings…
The grief we feel in their death is the love we had for them in life
You take care…With love…Marina xx

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Thankyou Marina. I know what you say is true. I know i am not alone too, but at the moment that knowledge doesnt hrlp either
I m sorry to be do down, but i have been to the doctor and am now on tablets which i hope will help. Thankyou xx

Hi Roseyjane
I know exactly how you feel and what you mean, and you are so right no matter what anyone says it is not going to change how you are feeling,it is something we all have to deal with in our own way and in our own time…never be sorry for how you are feeling for you have lost one of the most precious person in your life…
I hope the meds help you a little…you take care…Marina xxx

Hi Marina, , I know how you feel we lost Dawn December 2016, and I feel worse now , I miss her so much she was my rock and now we are not talking to our other daughter, I don’t know why , all I said was I feel so lonely and that was it I know she misses her sister, but I do not think she knows what it it is like yo lose a daughter. Gloria Huniford described it just right , saying look down on your sleeping child , and could you imagin that not being there, she it so right both her books were wonderful, but life is so painful without our two girls , one gone and one not talking to us . how do we get through this painful time? Love to all Maddie xx

Hi Maddie
You lost your Dawn exactly a year before we lost Christian…the worst time of the year you could lose a child…but there is never a right time…also like you the longer time goes the worse I feel and the tears are more frequent .
It wasn’t long after Christian had died that my other son started to behave and act in the same way that your other daughter is behaving now, and I can only think that it is because all our love and thoughts are with the our child that as died and we tend to forget that our other child is suffering the same as we are…
I also bought both of Gloria Hunifords books…the first I enjoyed but the second one with the letters from bereaved parents I thought this is nothing to do with me…how ironic is that…
I am so grateful of all the love,happiness,fun and the life we had with Christian I just wish it could have lasted longer…I miss him so much…
We just have to take it day by day,step by step.
Loving thoughts to all…Marina xxx

I’m sorry is all I can say. Both my sons died six years ago on Wednesday abd one year ago … it’s agony. I feel like I have no purpose and I have been cheated… sending love to you all.

Sue x

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