Losong my son

Been two years in jan when i lost my son suddenly the hearteache hasnt gone i still cry so much but i feel my husband thinks i should move on doesn’t gove me a hug like he did a year ago judt looks at me in a different way i cant get over loing my son

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Hi Jacci, I lost my son Jan 2023 and it’s still as painful now and I don’t think I will ever get over losing him. It’s not natural for our child to pass before us and unless they’ve lost a child nobody else will understand.

@Jacci hi, I’m so sorry for your loss. There is no time limit on grief. I’m almost 3 years on and at times the pain is unbearable. Take it minute by minute, hour by hour and the days turn into weeks. Somehow we get through x

Everyone grieves differently but I don’t think anyone ever goes back to their life. We change too much when we lose a child and that child shaped hole that is missing from our core is the essence of who we were, that child, that promise, that future has gone. Some people can find a cause, a reason to continue, some people believe they need to honour their children by living their lives for them and some people, like me, cannot find a reason to do anything but pray for the day we don’t have to live through another moment without them.