Loss and more Loss

Hello Good Reader
This is my story
Last year I lost two of the close people I will every love 1 was my darling mother a conventional loss and 1 was my beautiful adult daughter not a conventional loss but a loss never the less

Last Feb my beautiful 25 year old daughter was driving home from a adventure weekend. She went into cardiac arrest and no one knows why. Her down time was 30 mins from the time they got the call.
ICU managed to get her heart going again but she had a hypoxic brain injury and now has severed brain damage. My daughter doesnt even know who I am. So I mourn the loss of the daughter I once had. A couple of months later my mum and my best friends died from liver cancer. We took her home as was her wish but she had severe jaundiced and died in agony due to an error with her medication. A year on and my life has stood still. It is very difficult trying to support three children who are also suffering until you experience loss you dont know what its like, I feel like life isnt real anymore. My best friend is now isolation as that is the only place for any relief. I cannot read listen to music watch telly films everything is too painful. It is very difficult to talk to anyone about what is going on and I know that is done to me. I am in self imposed isolation I cant see anyway forward. I dont understand and I am in despair I would appreciate any response Thank you kindly

Luna1, oh my heart goes out to you and putting yourself into isolation cuts you off from the outside world. How are the three children doing and what affect is it having on them. I do think some one to one counselling would help. There’s some available here and there’s others but they are all doing phone and not face to face. Cruse does both adults and children if you think that’s appropriate. By reading posts on here you may find that others have and are going through the same kind of trauma which may help you to know you are not alone. You are grieving but your daughter is still here which is very hard on you and then your mum, it’s a double tragedy but you do sound strong. I wonder if you are putting a brave face on the whole situation so you can keep going, it’s all consuming and you can’t see a way forward. Please think about getting help so you can think about your life and were to go from here. Right now the world is crazy but there is help. Blessings S

Thank you for your much needed kinded reply Susie to be honest I have made contact with the Cruse group the world is insane x

That’s good, I was part of Cruse until earlier this year and needed to think about my own time. They will be good, ok only for a short time and it will take a few weeks to meet someone either on the phone or on Zoom. If you need anything just contact the site . Thanks for letting me know and yes the world needs more sanity, pleased you found some😸. Take care of yourself and bless you. S

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