Loss hurts

Just under 2 weeks since my mum passed away, an empty chair and reminded everywhere of her. The hurt is suffocating, i miss her so deeply…like a part oglf me is missing. Im worried about my dad and grief is mentally and physically exhausting…just processing that i will not be able to speak to her again…you can ve strong and then it overwhrlms you, the reality, the emptiness…nobody prepares you for this :broken_heart:


@Ejw I totally understand where you’re coming from, I’m the dad a different daughter worries about. I lost my wife of 49 years, at the same time, my childhood sweetheart, lover, best friend and mother to our two children.
Our daughter suffers like you, just like you.
Do you talk to your dad about your mother? Sometimes my daughter talks of her mum, expressing the same emotions as you. I wish she’d talk to me more of her, nobody else does.
Could this be the same for your father, would it help you both if you did?
No, you’re right, nobody prepares you for it and it comes at you like an express train.
Do remember though, you are part of your mother, she’s there, touch your arm, feel her, even if you can no longer see her in her chair.
My love and sympathy, I do know what it’s like.

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When i start talking, i can see my father gets upset, i have been really strong in front of him because i think of his grief, the loss of his wife, all thier lives together, the milestones shared. Its heartbreaking. All the family is there everyday and today i kept busy cooking and dropping food off to everyone…and then when i came home, i could take the mask off and just wanted my mum, her company, her smile…her safety. Its the most lonliness feeling ever, even when you have everyone around you…day by day i guess, thats all we can do x

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Thank you xx

I know what you’re going through as I to lost my Mother 2 weeks ago, it still only feels like yesterday since I got the devastating news. Nothing makes sense anymore, why are we here when we have to go through all this pain and heartache. I’m so sorry you are going through the same as me. In regards to your Dad you mustn’t hide your emotions but share them with him x