Loss & more to come

I lost my husband, very suddenly, on 3rd November to a heart attack while he was with me, as a passenger in my car while I was driving. He was a very young 70 year old, older than me by 15 years, & had been living with heart problems for the last 12 years, but not expected to pass like that, it was under control apparently. We’d just come back from visiting my sister who is dying from cancer. I’m in so many different places, this was not the death I was preparing for, my sister is jealous of my husbands sudden & very quick passing, while she is suffering a much longer, drawn out death. I’m not really grieving for my husband because I’m still waiting for my sister to pass. Christmas has been a nightmare, my sisters last, which we tried to do for her, but my 1st without my husband of 30 years. I’m struggling to even get out of bed…but have to as I’m the person my sister looks to for sorting out her affairs. Its just all too much

Hi Tinalou.

It is very difficult to deal with the deadth of our loved one, the shock sometimes last for weeks ,and adrenaline keep running while one has flashback.

The circumstances how your husband passed are extremely stressful and i think you are doing exceptional well dealing with it.

Please lookf after yourself, please find a counselling support, because deal with your sister terminal cancer involved suffer with her too.

I would say that despite it is stresful to deal with your sister affair now maybe feel too much, but later would be more painful at least now you can arrange everything with her.

Please try to realese the pressure, anxiety and anyother feelings talking with someone is always helpful, call the Samaritans line they give dupport 24/7. Write here all of us understand how you feel

Take care xxxx