loss of a best friend age 21

hello my name lizzie. this my first time to this form room. I meet Rebecca but she like to be called becks. summer of 2009 at a collage i was studding at. the first day we meet we became best friends instantly, she had the most kindness soul. she invited to sit with her a lunch time as i was sitting all alone. she helped me though bulling. I fill guilty that i lost contact with her after collage ended. in 2013 Rebecca had a epileptic seizure at home and bang her head she die instantly she was four pregnant. she was only 21 year old. when i got told that she passed away I didn’t believe them. I was invited to her funeral but i don’t want to go because then it was became real . , but now i regret and feel guilty that i never said goodbye to her . that guilt and regret will live with me forever. i know i move on and get -on with life but i just feel so empty. it feel like part of my life is so empty she would always make me smile when having a bad day she was always smiling and laughing .all i have is her memory i didn’t get any pic together . i don’t know were her gave is to visit. i feel such a bad best friend, thanks for listen xxx

I understand what you are writing it makes sense to me

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IT donsent emma i cant delet it now. i could write another one