Loss of a child

Hello there I would like to speak to people who have lost a child like I have finding it really difficult at the moment and It was only in Feb 2019 x

Hello Katestar
So sorry you have lost your precious boy. February is not long ago and you must feel very raw.
It is a year since my lovely daughter died and whilst I do have a great deal of support it is a tough tough journey.
So sorry you lost your mum too. Do you have some support? Is there a Compassionate Friends group in your area? I find it extremely helpful. This site is also a great comfort as people really do understand and you really can say what you feel.
Sending you love xx

Hi katestar,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your son and mum. I havent lost a child but I am really struggling with the loss of my beloved mum suddenly in june. I’m guessing that you arent dealing with the loss of your mum as you are grief stricken over your son and this will take priority.
However if you wanted to talk about your mum at all, I can help there.
Lots of people will soon talk to you about your son on here as sadly there are lots that have lost children.
Take care of yourself x

Hi. My daughter died very suddenly almost 2 years ago and I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Although it all came rushing back to me as my brother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I will never fully come to terms with losing my daughter but I will one day be able to live with it as I see her children getting on with their lives. I have a silver pendant necklace made with her picture etched on to it and find it very helpful wearing it all the time. At night I try to find a star in the sky and i talk to it as if it was her and tell her what I have been doing that day and how I miss her. Be strong.