Loss of a child

How do I even begin to cope with losing my son. He passed away 13 days ago at the tiny age of 12 weeks and 6 days. And I’m lost. Every day the sickness and emptyness sinks in. I miss him like I’ve never missed anyone. The pain is just unbearable and I don’t no what to do. I don’t no how to fill the void and I don’t no how to move on. I feel so alone

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Hi tilly, can I start of by saying how sorry I am for the loss of your baby, I lost my son in 2009 he was stillborn I was 6 months pregnant, the pain is unbearable especially with all the after affects of pregnancy still there and to have nothing is absolutely heart shattering, my heart really does go out you and if you would like to please feel free to message me, thinking of you. Lorraine x

I just don’t no where to even begin to cope… Every day the sadness seeps back in. I’ve got an older son who’s nearly 3 and I’m trying as hard as I can to be a mum but I’ve got nothing to offer. I’d quite happily die. I’ve never missed or yearned for anyone like I do him. It’s like I can’t function… I just hate life and i can’t see me. Ever being OK again. I don’t know how to cope with how overwhelming the grief is… And its all day every day there’s no break. So sorry you’ve been through the loss of a child too… How did you cope. What did you do? X