Loss of a love one

It’s been three months since my partner lost the battle with breast cancer.
We have known each other for 31 years the last two years I have been a carer attending to all her needs but now that part of my life is gone.
I go work now come home but the love of my life is not there and all I do is pretend that’s she is here and talk to photos on the wall.
She is laid to rest in a grave yard which I visit daily take new flowers and talk but it not the same.
I shed tears daily and it gets more difficult and not any easier.
We both were married before and met at a divorce separate group.
We had no children of our own only through our previous partners but they have their own lives and don’t feel the loss more than me.


I am so sorry for your loss. It has been almost 11 months since I lost my husband of 48 years. I know how lonely it feels when you come in to an empty house - go to bed alone and wake alone. It is a lonely life for us now.
Do keep reading and posting on this forum- it does help to know that you are not on your own. Everyone on here is grieving. We belong to a club that none of us wanted to join.
Look after yourself

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OK barb
My loss is more recent compared to yours it looks like a tough year ahead for both of us I will keep in touch.
Bill x

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I am talking to my wife as well ,I pretend she is still laying on the sofa watching tv with me,my grief is all consuming right now and it has only been less than 2 weeks.

Yes it like that you are losing your mind sometimes but it is not I being told it is part of the process and takes time to accept it

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