Loss of a loved one and continuing with holidays

I have been reading comments on not doing Christmas this year 2023…After the loss of 4 family members within 18 months time…last year I had a mental meltdown and did not do Christmas at my house (first time in 50 plus years)…I just couldn’t get my brain into action. This year I do plan to have Christmas at my house. Meds and Therapy have returned me to the right track again…Our loved ones (Mom, our son, my ex husband, and MY SISTER(BEST FRIEND) always enjoyed the celebration and family time together at my house. I have decided we will never forget them and especially celebrate the memories we have of them this year. Christmas is a time of love sent to us by JEsus who suffered for us and I think he wants us to remember he has our loved ones in his care and wants us to continue on until he feels it is time for us to join him and our family members. Just my thoughts this year since I am in a much better place than I was last year. Please take care of yourselves and make more memories with your loved ones looking on…


Lovely words and we must all try to cope in our own ways

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