Loss of a parent

Recently lost my beloved Dad. On the day of his passing I was left alone with my mum, trying to help her and deal with my grief. None of my siblings came to support her. I lost it. My own family was hours away. The relationship with them has been strained but now is non existent. We are communicating through a family mediator. On top of my grief, I cannot get over them failing my mum. Now they suggest I leave my husband and live with mum with my child, to look after her and see him maybe at weekends. I’m racked with guilt as I want to stay with my husband and a need to care for my mum.


Hello @Polly11, I’m very sorry for the loss of your dad. It sounds like you have an awful lot to cope with right now and that there is a lot you are being asked to do.

Your grief is real and important too. We have some resources which you might find helpful:

Hopefully someone will be along to share their thoughts, but I just wanted you to know you have been heard.

Take care,