Loss of a sibling

Hi all,
My younger sister died very recently (6th of March) due to cancer. She was only 44 years old and leaves behind an 11 year old son.
We were extremely close and I was very involved in her end of life care. I m finding it extremely difficult to cope with her loss. I’m trying to keep myself extremely active physically (signed up for 2 Relay for Life races this summer) and have been keeping a grief journal. I find these things very helpful, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions?
I think because I was very involved with her care I’m having trouble sleeping. I am a nurse and do have experience in palliative care but it’s so difficult when you’re caring for your own loved one.
I’m also due to start back to work next week and I deal in cancer care. I know it’s going to be difficult but I think getting back to a regular routine will help too.
Any thoughts, suggestions would be most appreciated.
Thank you to anyone taking the time to read my message.

Hello @Tabby78,

I’m part of the Online Community team and I can see that you are new to the community - I’d like to thank you for bravely starting this thread and sharing how you are feeling. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. Most community members have sadly experienced the death of a loved one and so will understand some of what you are going through.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share a few Sue Ryder resources with you that might be helpful.

I really hope you find the community helpful and a good source of support and I also hope you feel you can access more support should you need it.

Thank you again for sharing – please keep reaching out and know that you are not alone.

Take care,