Loss of a son

I lost my 32yr old son 29th August I’m finding it so hard, I feel I have a volcano in side me, only way I can explain it, I feel it rising then it explodes and I loss control I can’t breathe and cry cry and cry do anyone understand what I’m feeling, do th get these moments where they think their going to explode


I certainly do. I lost my son in March, still burst out crying, my temper is out of control, no patience and like my own company. This journey is hell. I have had good days though, then felt guilty, but that seems to of passed. My brain used to be like fog. It’s minute by minute. This site is my lifeline, keep messaging, be kind to yourself is all we can do, too many if only, and why xx

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It’s perfectly normal to feel like this especially in these early days so don’t be too hard on yourself .

If the loss of as sudden you will probably still be in shock .

Do you have good support around you ?

The compassionate friends run support groups around the UK for people that have lost a child .

I find it helps to talk to people who truly understand .



Perfectly normal, I lost my son 2nd August, and while some things are now getting easier ( i can now sleep for a couple of hours, ) other things are just as hard, I still spend most my day crying, and panic attacks