Loss of a wonderful wife

It’s been a while since I wrote on-line,it will by 12 months today since I lost my lovely wife of 40 years to cancer,and each day just seems harder to get through,I do try to keep active,I just miss her everyday,she was my rock,it’s not a home anymore just a house.
But you have to carry on best way you can,it’s not easy.
Take care out there X


I totally agree with you it’s been just over a year for me not as raw but I miss her so much each day

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Thank you for reply.

Hi MSO. I think the first year is the worst because of the anmiversaries. First time doing something alone instead of as a couple. It gets a little easier but I still dread Christmas 's which were always full of life when my Ron was here. I try to fill each day of the weekbecause as you say home becomes a house.

Hi Angiejo 1

Thank you for your kind reply,I’m sorry for your loss,I also dread Christmas again this year,it was my wife’s 66th birthday on 12th July this year which was hard too bear,I hope you find peace ,days can be very lonely at times,take care.

Thank you. I think Christmas is horrific because of all the past memories. Don’t want to be in the festivity anymore. But one day at a time. No body knows what life brings.

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