loss of best friend aged 21 year old

Hello my name is Lizzie, this my first time here to talk about a girl who was one of my best friends at collage, her name was Rebecca she also like to be called Becks we first meet at Thanet collage at lunch time. i was sitting on my own she came over and introduced herself and ask if i would like to sit with her and her friends to eat my lunch as i had no to sit with, Rebecca ask if i was ok as she thought i was begging bit quite i said i was okay and that there was nothing going on. but two of the bullies came over and started to name call and told i shouldn’t have any friends because i was the teacher pet i run to the toilet and started to cry Rebecca followed me in and told not to worry as she would deal with them she told them to leave me alone or she would tell the teacher. we all leaved collage and lost contact which i regret now . in 2013 Rebecca suffered a epileptic seizure at home and bang her head and lost her life. she was 21 year old and was four months pregnant with her first baby, the day i was told that Rebecca has passed away i was in denial and dint believe anyone that she was gone. i was invited to her funeral but if i went it would be all real. to i didn’t want to face and believe it happen . the guilt that i didn’t stay in in touch or attend her funeral will live with me forever. thanks you for reading

You don’t have to fill guilt everyone loses touch once in a while and not everyone likes to go to funeral for that reason so whatever you do dont beat your self up about it