Loss of both parents

I lost my mom 31years ago when i was 20 and pregnant, i gave birth two weeks after she died,it was sudden to cancer and such an awful death i have never in all the years come to terms with it she was 43… so February 3rd 2022 i lost my dad, my husband and myself found him collapsed, we tried to save him but we couldn’t, i am finding it very hard to cope at the moment, i cannot get the images out my head , it replays constantly, i am just so heartbroken :broken_heart:

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Hi Lou03, I’m so sorry that you are having such a tough time. It’s so very hard to stop the constant images going around isn’t it?
I have a similar tape playing in my head too, I often think that seeing this tragedy once is bad enough but to keep seeing it is torture!
This grieving community is such a good place to be, you can talk about all of your feelings and worries etc here, no one will judge you, it’s a safe place so I hope you will stay so that you can feel the love here. It has helped me a lot.
Daisyrose x

Hi there Daisyrose ,
Thankyou for the reply, so glad i am not alone and not the only one with this torture. Its so hard to concentrate at times as thats all thats in your mind when you are quiet, especially at night thats the worse. Trying my hardest to keep my head up and not sink into a depression but the days are such a struggle lately :see_no_evil: sorry it took time to reply im new to this …i just feel like i have my husband and my children but losing both parents still makes you feel so alone, like your a child again, I don’t know if anyone feels this way… I appreciate you taking the time to reply xx

Hi there lovely.

I definitely understand how you feel, i too have lost both parents and despite having a family of my own often feel orphaned which as an adult on days is still hard to get my head around.

I opted for CBT counselling to support me, there were no platforms like these for me., at the time i remember thinking what are you doing, who are you kidding with this. What it actually gave me was the ability to put those memories and images into a safe space in my mind where they couldn’t torture me.

Its all so very new for you so just go with the flow dont fight it. Think about getting out even for 10 mins a day fresh air can be very powerful and will give you a change of surroundings that arent consuming you. And talk and breath, you have got this you can do this one day at a time. Much love xx

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