Loss of both parents

Well if things couldnt get any worse. I list my mom last new year day before 2023. My dad then passed away thus christmas eve 2023. Not even a year between them my life has been ripped in pieces yet you are just supposed to carry on as normal.

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I am extremely sorry you have lost both your parents inside 1 year.
My heart goes out to you.
I lost my beautiful Dad, who was like both parents rolled into one. He was given custody and brought me single handedly.
He was my everything, my world and now I feel like I have nothing.
I just try to get through each day now and I don’t even know how.
Nobody understands, unless people go through the same loss of losing someone close.
My whole insides feel like they’ve been ripped out. Thinking of you in these dark times. Hugs

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Hi thank you so much for your kind words. So sorry for the loss of your dad it is so very hard. Here at least we can talk when perhaps we need that bit of support. I havent had any from anywhere x

I have no support outside this site, as I don’t have a relationship with my mother. To cut a long story, she was an abuser and my brother is carbon copy of her, so since Dad passed away, I cut ties with them, as I had lost everything in Dad, so I didn’t want to play, at doing the dutiful thing, to people that didn’t mean well to me and where not very caring about Dad either. :sob:
My Dad divorced my mother when I was small and he raised me alone. He was the better part of me and I am devastated beyond words.
I have just spoke with my doctor, who is going to refer me to someone called Sue, who can put me intouch with group chats apparently, with people who have lost loved ones.
I spend my days mostly alone and at home and in tears, not wanting to be here, but here I am, so I struggle through.
Some friends have dropped me, because my extreme grief. One of which, turned on me, because I changed my mind about going to hers for Christmas Day. I explained that I didn’t want to try and pretend to celebrate through the grief of losing Dad and, soon after, she penned me a letter, to drop me as a friend, but she clearly wasn’t one in the first place.
I have hardly any friends and no family support. I am a mess without my Dad, my heart eternally bleeds. It was always just me and Dad and now I’m only half a whole, half a soul and only half alive.


@Fatherless and @D2015 I’m so sorry about your loss. I’m with you and sending love.

I understand how you feel. Mum died 9 weeks ago and my dad died on Friday. I had a great relationship with both and my heart is ripped out. I can bearly function and struggle to breath through the grief.

Wishing you all the best. Reach put if you would like to chat as grief is so lonely. X

I am so so sorry for your losses, utterly heartbreaking.
I just feel stuck in my head, like a record that’s jammed.
I just can’t understand it.
I can’t understand why.
I drive myself crazy trying to analyse it all.
My entire world has erupted into a massive earthquake. I have nothing left, so I have to start from scratch with everything and I don’t know how I am doing it, but I am, because otherwise, I would just drown in my own tear bath.
I often sit in darkness and I don’t really know why, but it’s like I want to.
My heart goes out to you too.

My heart :heart: gos out to youxx
my mum just passed there on 30/12/23 we weren’t expecting it.

My dad passed at easter 2017
Do you get an overwhelming feeling and feel lost and insecure cos sometimes i think im going mad.

Yes and I feel really insecure with life and at night time, I am petrified of going to sleep, incase someone breaks in. I’m terrified.
It’s like the loss causes an insecure feeling, because we have been robbed of that parent and security they provided.
I’m that scared I’m having 6ft driveway gates installed in 2 weeks, to help.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Life is beyond cruel and we are now trapped in our own sadness, what maybe forever.


its just gonna be hard to adjust life without them :sleepy:

It’s the making sense of the new reality that we didn’t ask for, but now we have it and we have to deal with it somehow and its beyond harsh.

it sure is harsh :confused: we just got to try and look after ourselves