Loss of Dad

Lost my father after a brief illness 2 weeks ago. Although 93, was very well. It hurts so much


Hi mallika. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost such a big part of your life. The pain must be indescribable. Know that this feeling is temporary though it may not feel like it. You have a large network of people that you can reach out to and please don’t be afraid to do such. You will power through this wether it takes you months or years. You’ll end up smiling over fond memories rather than crying. Sending you love and light.

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Thanks so much

Hi mallika
I am sorry about your dad.
It’s such a big loss, Someone who was a constant in your life now gone.So deeply painful. Don’t let anyone try to make you feel ‘better’ with one of those ‘he was a good age’ comments. I had those when my dad died at 87 and it doesn’t help, I know he was 87 not 57, but it still hurts that he’s not here anymore! I was completely blindsided by how devastated I was and still 3 years later feel deeply sad though the raw inexplicable pain and anguish has lessened.
I have taken comfort of a sort from reading on here just to know I’m not alone feeling so heartbroken has helped. Time helps but I have to be honest in my experience it doesn’t heal, that’s just not true. You will feel better though than you do now Don’t despair. Best of wishes to you.

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