Loss of Dad

I lost my dad on 29th july this year and i am hurting so bad and struggling to accept he has gone. The funeral didnt help me at all and i just feel lost all the time


so sorry for your loss
i hear you .greif is very strange we all deal with it in our own way take one day at a time. 7 yrs since i lost my dad and still grieving there is no time limit for greif. :pray:

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You are very early in your grief. It is extremely hard, but it will begin to ease. I lost my mum in May and it hurts like crazy. Let out all your emotions, don’t bottle them up. I am reading lots of books on grief that help. Just remember that your dad is now in a beautiful place, he will be around you, guiding you on, and he will always be in your heart. Do you talk out loud to him? I find it helps. I am sure they hear and see us. xx


I talk to him everyday, the funeral didnt give me any closure and atm my grief feels more raw and difficult than ever

I am just taking it one day at a time this last few days have just been the hardest ever, i havent made it out of bed

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