Loss of daughter

Coping with the loss of my daughter

Hello, Mj24, I am so very sorry that you are coping with the loss of your daughter, by joining us, where nobody wants to be, you have done yourself a huge favour. We are all going through some kind of bereavement and it is good that we can open up to each other and share our feelings, this is not compulsory of course but you can be safe in the knowledge that the members here are so kind and compassionate.
Take care,

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I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your daughter. It sounds from your profile as though it was very sudden and must have been a huge shock. I hope that it helps even a tiny bit to be able to share things here on the site. There are other bereaved parents here who will understand some of what you are feeling. Hopefully some of them will reply to your post soon, but meanwhile you might find it helpful to read some of the other recent conversations in the Losing a Child category - and feel free to post replies if you see anyone you’d like to talk more to.

Mj24 take little steps I lost my daughter 5 weeks a go it’s so unreal talk 1 step at a time u arnt alone wre all here and feel your pain

My princess caitlin pass away on 25th march and I am heartbroken I dont like the world without my princess no mother should have to loose a child

I total feel your pain no mother should ever lose a child not matter how old you arnt alone we are all here for you

I lost my daughter 4th January this year she was 36… she was diagnosed 4 years ago of having an inoperable brain tumour…she was a brave girl she leaves my grandson of 7 who lives with her partner and his dad… but there relationship wasn’t good she said he was a weirdo and has issues but never contacts us we have to contact him all the time…it’s all about his family… they were together for 12 years never offered any help with her funeral etc… not that was important as she was our daughter… but her son is part of her and I think things could get awkward and I promised her before she passed I would see my grandson regularly…but since the corona virus and appreciate it’s awkward but I ring and FaceTime him every Saturday to say hi… but otherwise there’s no contact at all … it helps to see him as he so like my daughter…she was my eldest of 3 daughters and I really miss her but she would not to see us sad …so I try and keep busy… as we are mentioned in the will as guardians for my grandson I’m not sure of our rights as grandparents…as they weren’t married either… if any body on here has any advice I’d appreciate it… I’m so sorry for anybody that’s lost a daughter or son it’s the worse pain ever.

Dear Chrissie
I’m so sorry you’ve lost your daughter- I know your pain as I’ve lost a son. Six months ago my son Henry died, he was just thirty.

This virus does make everything so much harder. I would suggest you put all your efforts into maintaining a relationship with your grandson’s father. Purely because ultimately he has the legal rights - unless he’s not fit to take care of his son. My grandson and I are very close and I work at the relationship with his Mum and her fiancé. She and Henry split up when my grandson was a baby. :cry:

Please keep posting on here as there may be others who can give you better advice. I’m thinking of you and hope things work out. Hugs and love to you.

Much love and hugs

My princess caitlin had cancer she was doing very well she had treatment for a year but she was never really poorley of the treatment was able to live normal life but then all of a sudden it just spread to her brain got told she was terminal and nine days later she fell asleep forever in my arms and I miss her so much and I just want her back xxx

I hate it when people say it will get easier cause I feel worse every single day and cry every single day and I dont enjoy doing anything anymore cause me and caitlin did everything together

I feel the same since my daughter past away every day I cry I kiss her photo and at the moment I have her ashes at home some times j feel so alone

I’ve got caitlins picture on a pillow I sleep with it every night xxxx

That’s so nice at the moment it’s so hard for.me.to look at photos I feel so angry that she could hurt me this way even though i now she was in a dark place and probably never gave us a though she just want the pain to stop and i now feel that pain all the time it’s all.i feel

In sorry for your lose, I to list my son, he was 34 , lost Daniel 6 month ago, I can’t even look at photos I just break down, my whole world has been turned upside down, never will my life be the same ever again, as all you I’m sure feel the same as I do, we are all here for the same reason, but none of this should have happen to any of us love a Higgs to you all xx