Loss of daughter

I am louise mum to 4 children. My eldest daughter passed away 2 months ago aged 22.I have been her some carer for 22 years as she suffered from a seizure disorder. It was not this that took her though it was pneumonia. I have such a huge void in my life now even though I have 3 other children I don’t even want to get out of bed .I have no idea how to cope with my emotions.My whole life had been turned upside down but I don’t even have the desire to try and make it right.I feel lost completely alone .please help.x

Hi Louise, I’m so sorry for your loss,i lost my daughter dawn in December,i know exactly how you feel. dawn was ill off and on for years after having a gastric bypass, she oaid for it herself.costing her thousands, but she had no after care , lacking all the vitamins so when she went into hospital in early December we never thought she would not come out again she was 47 years old. so this week will 18 weeks since she passed. . I am a little bit better I have a councillor,and see the doctor evey 3weeks as I have only just started sleeping better. It must be so hard for you as you have children ,you try and carry on as normal but it is so hard , but try and keep yourself busy it does take your mind of it for a while…I wish I had more words of comfort for you but everyone keeps telling me it will get easier, but miss her so much I could scream some days… so take care hope to talk again maddie

Hi Maddie thanks so much for getting in touch.How awful for you …I’m guessing you watched her deteriorate. My Chloe was 22 she passed away officially on the 28th of January but I knew she had gone the day it happened on the 23rd…
I’m absolutely useless at the moment when it comes to the other 3 .My eldest girl now is 15 and she’s been amazing…
I don’t even want to get out of bed I just want this feeling to go away …but as IOU say hopefully in time it gets easier to deal with …this has to be the worst feeling in the world…how do you cope…I have such a massive void in my life now …I was Chloe’s carer 24/7…and now well I don’t think I even want to fill the void at the moment… Please stay in touch and thank you.x

Hi Louise, thank you for replying, I feel so sorry for you your daughter was so young, I gave up my job in April as dawn was in hospital last year, she had a husband who gave up her job to help look after her after she came of hospital. We didn’t expect her to pass away so soon, you are so right because it is the worst feeling in the world, I am crying as I write this message, but you must be brave for your other children, they will help you get through it. Its very hard I know, I miss dawn so much, I wake up every morning hoping it was a bad dream, I miss talking to her and I cant believe I will not see her again, she was my rock. My husband is getting through it in his own way and he cant understand why I cant put out her photos or go near her house, but I find it so sad, all I want to do is cry. I feel so sorry for my daughter Dawn because she had so much to live for… Keep in touch and we will get eachother through it.
Maddie x