Loss of family

I lost my Mum very suddenly & unexpectedly last year & my youngest brother at the end of last year. My husband also lost his eldest brother due to illness in the same timeframe. I have some truly dark days where i can’t face the world & just cry for England. Nothing seems to make the loss any easier to accept. Just writing this makes me teary. I know i cant bring my Mum, brother or brother in law back but the loss is so great its too big to even put into words. I also lost my cat who was 15 in the same year, moved house & was made redundant so it has been a dreadful terrible time. Everyone says im there but they are not, i feel so so alone.


@Hotdog25 you are going through multiple losses💔 please know that love and support sometimes come from the most unexpected places. Pls hold hold on. I know it’s very easy to say that one must celebrate those we have loved and find new beginnings for ourselves. I think with time some of us will eventually be able to do so, but it is easier said than done. You just need to take each hour and each day, slowly.

In 2015 I lost my gran, uncle and aunt - we are a close extended family - within 3 months and I was made redundant 4 months later. I thought the world would end, but eventually the darkness lifted.

I hope reading these posts will give you some comfort. I’m new to this space, I lost my dearest aunt 2 days ago and I’m struggling, but I am finding that supporting others and sharing their grief is helping me too. I hope you also find some comfort. Lots of hugs.

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Blessings a very sad time for you and your husband I am sure everyone on this site sympathises with you both and is sending you their love and condolences Be at peace Grieving is a long process and can’t be avoided.