Loss of Father and father in law 3 weeks apart

Hi i Lost my Father in law 10 weeks ago and then my Dad 3 weeks after this it was a big shock to both me and my partner and we are struggling to support each others grieving process.
I am a private in my grief and miss my dad terribly think about him daily and am still very upset about it naturally but know that my dad would want me to carry on living and i am trying to do that as best i can my partner on the other hand has hit rock bottom doesn’t talk about it other than he wants his dad to come back and that he just cannot think about life without him or ever see a way that he will feel better about the situation.
he is annoyed with the way i am dealing with it and says that it like i’m not bothered by it which hurts a lot but i know that this is just caused by the way he is feeling.
i am trying to support him but he is so consumed by his own grief and worrying about his mum who is dealing with it the same as my partner that he has never once asked how i am feeling and never talks about my dad which makes me feel like dad didn’t matter at all to them.
anyone out there in this situation?

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So sorry to hear about your losses. Similar situation here; we had back to back deaths over a 2 year period. My husbands dad, my dad, my uncle and now my husband (43) has terminal cancer. Neither of us have really properly grieved (and probably won’t). Has your husband thought about counselling? Have you also considered it? If you find a good counsellor it definitely helps x

Hi Nori
thanks so much for your reply and sorry for your losses also
I have suggested this but having had counselling in the past for another thing he found it didn’t work for him though i will keep trying.
i worry also about this christmas and how on earth we arrange it as i don’t want to leave my mum alone and neither does my partner for his mum we live overseas also but only a 3 hour flight away so that wouldn’t be an issue but i have no idea how to sort this or even if i want to celebrate it!

Counselling really depends on the counsellor so don’t give up. I too am dreading Christmas as Im not sure if my husband will still be with us and I have the boys to get through it (no family to see).
You just need to get through each day and see where you both are nearer the time. It’s just one day (remember that). Xx