Loss of father

I’m so very sorry for all the hurt you are all going through, during these stressful and uncertain times.

How do you all cope…?

My father passed unexpectedly in September 2020, I’m still off work, still not sleeping, still struggling.

Bless you all, and keep strong x

Hi I cope by muddling through each day. Go with what this crap ride throws at me and hope for peace in my mind and better days ahead. Buckle up.
It at points becomes less at the front of the mind and more in the middle but times it just slots back in to 1st place. I know it will ease one day and not much I can do with any of it until then .


Lost a loved one is not easy, depends of each individual and circumstances and the support you have from family friends and professionals.

Many of us have face problems sleeping, eating, feeling lost, some simple task become hard, time goes very slow.
Unfortunately there is not a way to avoid this process
so be kind to yourself and be dont rush or hold yourself it is not shame to feel overhelmed.

Some people recomend a routine for eating sleeping doing things, writing a journal.


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