Loss of grandfather

Hi all

Around 2 weeks and half, i lost my grandad. I am originally from greece and i didnt have a chance to say my goodbye and the missed his funeral hurts so much. Last time i saw him two years ago and cant believe i am not going to see him again. On my mind keep listening the last time in the phone, and keep missing his voice so terribly. My grandfather was like a second father. His memorial service is on two weeks and i dont know if i am ready to say goodbye and face the house with him.
I have been off from work two weeks for bereavement, but still not ready to go back, as my mind is completely elsewhere :frowning:

Hello @Siliaki28,

Thank you for reaching out. I can see you’re new to the community. I really hope you find it to be a support, but I am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather that brings you here.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support. In the meantime, please do take a look at these Sue Ryder resources which can help you to cope with your grief.

Take good care,

I understand and i am here if you would like to talk to someone. I lost my Grandad in January this year and i am finding it difficult too x

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@MamaBear i am struggling to accept it. When i am not thinking about it, its ok, but when i think it, i am feeling overwhelming.
Feeling cant go back to work at the moment as there are triggers that reminds him so much

Hi I’m Demi and I lost my grandad this year in August the morning after my new baby niece was born this is the first loss I have ever experienced and ever since his pass I’ve been having thoughts about death and these thoughts scare me to the point where I’m having panic attacks and crying every night I’ve tried different things to help me clear my mind of it e.g., reading a book, watching my comfort shows, funny videos, work et cetera. But nothing has helped and sometimes I think what’s the point if it gets us all in the end but at the same time I think I love life and then u think I don’t love life without him but then I think I love my family and they are amazing I don’t know any more and I’m confused scared and panicked overwhelmed and I’m not going to lie I think I’m depressed but I’ve never actually said that to anyone as my family aint the type of family you talk to about your feelings I you just know their always their for you if you get me now I’m baffling to distract my self anyways the the gist of it x oh yeah and 2 weeks after my grandad passed my nana was unresponsive and went into the hospital docs telling us to prepare for the worst et cetera I stayed in hospital with her for tow weeks but had to get back to work the only thing keeping me smiling was the show friends but then Matthew Perry died and then I trund to Brooklyn 99 and Andre broughter died and every where I look I feel like death follows and then my other nana went into hospital going on oxygen while she was abroad and life’s very messy atm

I lost my Gran unexpectedly in March and then my Grandad a few weeks later. I still don’t think my brain has properly processed that they’re gone and I’ll never see them again. We were so close, they were like my second parents. My grandad gave me away when I got married and my Gran has always been my absolute pillar of strength. I try and put on a brave front but I’m just empty inside. I think about them every single day, often I’ll be doing something and I’ll just suddenly remember they’re gone. It’s just so hard.

@Ella88 it is very hard. Festive period without him is very hard and painful. Many memories with him. I can imagine how you may feel.