Loss of Husband 10 months...

Dear All, i wrote a few weeks ago that i was feeling stronger, i just want you all to be aware that just when you think youre moving on, a huge wave of grief appears, I have no idea where it has come from again, it has been overwhelming, i amth telling you this because it may happen to you. I was hoping that someone will come back and maybe explain that they go through this, its 10 months since i lost my beloved, i am not lonely, just lonely for him, thank you for reading xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I’m coming up to 9 months now and like you was thinking that things seemed to be getting a little better but these last few days I almost feel more like I did near the beginning. Now it gets dark earlier I feel that I’m locked up in my house and there’s nobody around to talk to, apart from my cats. I too have been crying and having waves of grief again so thank you for sharing as it’s good to know that I’m not alone in feeling like this. Take care Gail xx


I am at 8 months and I have got through about 10 days of despair of totally missing my husband and the reality that he’s not coming back. I didn’t know if I would lift myself up a little bit I did though I just feel numb now. Feel so hopeless with nothing to look forward to. Winter and Christmas coming. A friend said what are you doing for Christmas? I said nothing. I can’t face Christmas without my Rob after 38 years. Know how you feel. x


It’s nearly 4 months since I lost my husband and I thought I was coping but tonight I just can’t sleep. I am so tired but just can’t drop off which is unusual as I usually drop of to sleep fairly quickly but don’t sleep for long. My thoughts are just running riot. I’m trying to think of all the good times we had together in 50 years but it is so hard. I know I am lucky to have had such a good man for such a long time but boy oh boy it hurts like mad losing him. I’m going back to bed now to try and sleep. Night night all. Take care.


Hi Velvet007
I just read your sad post & want to say it will be a year on Oct 28th when my amazing husband died suddenly & you are so right the waves of extreme sadness just hit you at any time
I really don’t know how we cope each day but somehow we we just seem to face it it is good we can read of other posts on here & it helps to know there is so much support from everyone
& we all can share our thoughts & how we feel as
This bereavement is like nothing we ever could of imagined coping with
I do hope it helps you to know these waves come to me all the time as well
Sending big hugs Ann :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for your words and my sympathies. I am at about 5 months and it is still so difficult without my hubby . I hope that it will get easier to cope


I totally understand, our lives have changed so much, 11 months for me, the panic attacks have stopped, but i am so unhappy without him, we have to get through it x


6 months on for me and still feel quite numb and although i make an effort and take my dog out and talk to other dog walkers I’m just not interested in anything. Sometimes depressed sometimes angry and bitter. I just want to get back to being me again. When that will happen i don’t know. 54 years with someone and now on my own. I’ve changed so much. I think the main problem for people is what does the future hold now. It’s got to be better than this. Hope so.


It’s a road none of us excepted to be on . I am the same now at 5 months what sort of person shall I be? I I had 30 years with my hubby . Now I lost and don’t know who be be

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I know. It’s awful. I just want to get back to being me again. My confidence has just gone at the moment. I think it’s the weekends i hate the most. Just got a permanent empty feeling. Now most things are sorted out what now? I wish i knew. Totally lost. My brain sometimes gets a bit foggy and last week fell for a scam phone call. Half way through i realised what was happening and cut them off. My phone was going every few seconds so now got a different number. I got so mad with myself for falling for it. Apparently there’s a lot of this going on now so i urge everyone to be careful. Take care and i hope all of us feel better in the future. X